Student Engagement & Philanthropy Month

Teaching Students about the Power of Collective Philanthropy

Show Me the Money Day

Congratulations to 972 OCC students who participated in 2017’s Student Engagement & Philanthropy Month activities and ‘Show Me the Money.’  Learning the power of collective philanthropy, students earned ‘LAZER Tokens’ by attending the spring Transfer Fair and/or by completing tutoring sessions at the Learning Center or participating in workshops at Career Services. Each ‘Lazer Token’ represented one employee dollar contributed on National Philanthropy Day.   

The Student Association and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society each chose a priority project and students used their tokens to vote to support with those employee donations. By participating, students also became eligible for a chance to win one of 10 $250 LAZER Card grants. 

On ‘Show Me the Money’ Day, March 1, 2017, we were excited to announce  PTK’s ‘Completion and Transfer Fund’ earned $6,234 and the Student Association’s ‘Semester Start-up Fund’ earned $3,276. Both funds will directly support students in need.  

Ten students names were drawn as winners of the $250 LAZER grants.  Winners are:

  • Armen Galstyan 
  • Larry Flemmings
  • Jovialle Yankey
  • Joshua Flanders
  • Bianca Archange
  • Ranjana Chimariya
  • Destinee Reaves
  • India Carr
  • Celica Edick
  • Noela Niyonkuru

Congratulations to all!  OCC students got to learn more about the value of philanthropy, and benefitted their academic achievements by tapping into the great support services available on campus designed to help them succeed!  THANK YOU to everyone who made this event a success, with the largest thanks going to our OCC employees who, through their philanthropy,  made these gifts to students possible. 

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