List of Courses

ART 101 Drawing I (3 credits)

Drawing is a basic thinking and visualization tool to any art discipline. The foundation course goes to the core of drawing as making sensitive, well understood and named marks. Its purpose is to lead the student into understanding the intuitive, the visual, and the spoken vocabulary of drawing. Students will realize perceptual values as they relate to conceptual values. The content of the course will be developed through various in-class exercises, projects, and extensive homework assignments.

ART 102 Drawing II (3 credits)

This course refines the basic skills learned in ART 101, Drawing I. Emphasis is placed upon technical proficiency and in-depth exploration of the basic elements of drawing and design. Subject matter will be expanded to include the nude model. Prerequisite: C or better in ART 101.

ART 103 Design I (3 credits)

A survey and application of the basic principles of 2-dimensional design and composition and an introduction to the design process and its use in visual problem solving. Students will also receive training in the use of drafting tools, measuring systems and methods of producing finished work. Students must achieve a grade of C or better in ART 103, Design 1 in order to continue in ART 104, Design 2. Prerequisite: ART Majors only or permission of instructor.

ART 104 Design II (3 credits)

A continuation and advanced application of the basic 2-dimensional design concepts and processes begun in ART 103. An introduction to basic 3-dimensional concepts. The course includes a cursory examination of career paths in the field of design and important historical design movements. Prerequisite: C or better in ART 103.

ART 105 History of Art I (3 credits)

This course provides a survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture from prehistoric times through the early Renaissance, with a consideration of major societal issues and ideas which may have influenced the development of forms and techniques in the visual arts. Prerequisite: ENG 099 or successful completion of the English Competency Exam.

ART 106 History of Art II (3 credits)

A continuation of ART 105, from the high Renaissance to the present. Prerequisite: ENG 099 or successful completion of the English Competency Examination.

ART 109 Principles of Drawing (3 credits)

Introductory course for non-art majors. An exploratory course that analyzes the components of drawing (line, shape, form, value, transition, texture, tension, balance, composition, etc.) Subject matter varies and may include still-life, landscape, architectural and figurative elements.

ART 111 Life Drawing Studio (3 credits)

Life Drawing is an intensive study of basic drawing skills, in keeping with portfolio development for high school students and others interested in advanced studies in the visual arts. The human figure is employed as subject, in the creation of expressive content.

ART 112 The Practice of Visual Aesthetics (3 credits)

This is an introductory course for non-art majors exploring the common themes encountered in the visual arts. Students will explore content in the arts through analysis of a wide range of masterworks and apply these studies in creating original artwork. Class time will include lecture, demonstrations, and exploring new mediums for expression.

ART 114 History of Visual Culture (3 credits)

This one-semester course provides the understanding necessary for viewing art in a historical and aesthetic context. It is designed for non-majors. Students will also engage in exercises to develop writing and communications skills. A select set of artworks will establish the evolution and cross-cultural synthesis that is the basis of the history of art.

ART 123 Digital Design for the Non-Designer (3 credits)

This course offers an introduction to the fundamental design concepts and software techniques used by graphic designers to produce printed communications. Students will achieve a proficiency in the software used for computer aided graphic design as well as in the process of organizing 2-dimensional space. This course may be used as an elective course for non-art majors only. No MAC experience necessary.

ART 142 Introduction to Computer Graphics (3 credits)

An introduction to graphic design in a digital environment. This course examines industry standard software applications for page layout, illustration, and photo manipulation. Requirement for Graphic Design majors. Open elective.

ART 152 Color and Concept Development (3 credits)

This course is an introduction to the visual thought processes used in the development of creative concepts and ideas, as well as an introduction to color theory and the emotional and spatial behavior of color. Focus is on the conceptual, verbal, and technical skills needed to effectively communicate visual ideas. Prerequisite: ART major or permission of instructor.

ART 200 Portfolio Preparation (1 credits)

Today's art world demands a digital presence and an ability to communicate the visual arts electronically. This course will help students learn how to professionally photograph, scan and digitize their visual work. Students will work one-to-one with faculty to develop individually focused and discipline-specific portfolios. It will also model the type of communication that often takes place between artists, galleries, professors, community members and curators. It is recommended that students begin the course with a substantial body of work from a variety of artistic disciplines. This course will focus on sequencing and editing images for inclusion in a final portfolio, portfolio presentation models, and writing artist statements. Students will work to develop a comprehensive visual arts portfolio for submission for transfer applications. By the end of the course, students will have a digital representation of their portfolio to share and build upon in the future. The course is comprised of portfolio editing, written assignments, research, and project development. Prerequisite: ART/PHO majors or permission of instructor.

ART 201 Advanced Drawing and Painting I (3 credits)

Advanced studio experience in drawing and the use of a variety of media. Emphasis is on improving technical skills, compositional sophistication and experimentation with new or multimedia techniques. Individual creativity is encouraged through exploration of a variety of subject possibilities. Prerequisite: ART 102 or permission of instructor.

ART 202 Advanced Drawing and Painting II (3 credits)

ART 202 focuses on advanced studio experience in drawing and the use of a variety of media. This class is a continuation of ART 201, with greater emphasis on self-directed individual creative development. The students will be assigned a term project or series of related works to be produced in consultation with the instructor. Further in-depth exploration and refinement of drawing technique and compositional ability will be stressed. Students will participate in group critiques with other students and guest faculty.

ART 203 Typography and Layout (3 credits)

Basic principles of typographic design and typesetting will be studied along with letterforms, their development, and present trends. How to select fonts and create a hierarchy of information in design will be emphasized. Student projects will demonstrate how visual layout and typographic composition can be used to communicate ideas. Requirement for Graphic Design majors. Prerequisite: ART major or permission of instructor.

ART 204 Intermediate Computer Graphics (3 credits)

An intermediate-level course for students to develop the skills needed to create and manipulate images. The creative process and industry standard software functions are used to develop and edit images to communicate ideas graphically. Requirement for Graphic Design majors. Prerequisite: ART 142.

ART 205 Figure Drawing I (3 credits)

An exploratory drawing course concerned with the human form including the nude model. Emphasis will include the techniques of drawing, use of mediums, and the awareness of anatomical correctness. Skeletal and muscular construction will also be introduced. Prerequisite: ART 101 and 102 or permission of instructor.

ART 206 Figure Drawing II (3 credits)

Continuation of Figure Drawing I, with further emphasis on anatomical studies. In addition, the syllabus will stress figure work in the area of design (figures in environments, in landscapes, and as part of graphic composition); and in anatomy, a more in-depth concern with spatial movements, volume, and structure.

ART 211 Introduction to Ceramic Sculpture (3 credits)

This studio course covers the normal process in sculpting. It will start with three-dimensional axes sketches in wire (prelude to armature construction) through build-up and blocked-in forms for proportion to simplified modeling.

ART 212 Ceramic Sculpture II (3 credits)

A studio class continuation of ART 211, with greater emphasis on more advanced modeling techniques. Emphasis will shift to a concentration of figure in sculpture and working directly from live models.

ART 213 Painting I (3 credits)

A studio course concerned with the study of acrylic and/or oil painting medium and its applications to the various techniques of traditional and non-traditional painting. All techniques discussed and demonstrated will be applied to concentrated studio projects. Prerequisite: ART 101 and 102 or permission of instructor.

ART 214 Painting II (3 credits)

Advanced course in painting with concentrated studio projects and problems involving lighting, spatial and environmental concepts. Students should develop technical understanding of the various components of painting, space, volume, and value, as well as various painting media such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, gauche, encaustic, and graphic design media.

ART 218 Art in Animation (3 credits)

An introduction to the history of animation and hands-on studio experience making a short animated presentation. Students will learn the artistic skills required for computer animation techniques using current animation software.

ART 219 Ceramics I (3 credits)

An introduction to handbuilding techniques; the exploration of clay as an expressive material through various forming and decorating methods.

ART 220 Ceramics II (3 credits)

This course is a continuing investigation of techniques including glazes and different kinds of clay mixes. More advanced projects are included.

ART 221 Modern Art and Its Backgrounds (3 credits)

A semester-long survey of the forms and techniques of late nineteenth and early twentieth century visual arts, with an examination of their relationships to one another, to past art, and to some of the major issues and ideas of their times.

ART 224 Design for Multimedia (3 credits)

This course focuses on the aesthetic and organizational skills required for designing interactive multimedia products. The course content includes the integration of the various elements of text, artwork, photographs, sound, and motion. Topics of discussion will include user interface design, interactivity, information mapping and intuitive navigation design. Prerequisite: ART 142 or permission of instructor.

ART 225 Watercolor (3 credits)

A studio course exploring traditional and non-traditional use of watercolor. Subject matter may include still-life, landscape, the nude figure. Prerequisite: ART majors or permission of instructor.

ART 226 Ceramic Processes I (3 credits)

An in-depth ceramics course with emphasis on exploring a variety of production techniques. Pottery processes covered include wheel throwing, slab and coil building, mold design, glaze and clay chemistry, primitive firing and reduction firing. Prerequisite: ART major or permission of instructor.

ART 227 Ceramic Processes II (3 credits)

Studio sequel to ART 226. Emphasis will shift to the production of a portfolio of related art work making use of previously acquired skills. Prerequisite: ART 226 or permission of instructor.

ART 240 Advanced Graphic Design (3 credits)

Practical and theoretical design concepts and their application to advanced communications problems and multi-piece campaigns will be studied. Projects will emphasize concept development and portfolio preparation.

ART 244 Visual Design for the Web (3 credits)

Visual design for the web examines the unique opportunities and capabilities of digital electronic art. Emphasis will be placed on the organization and the communication of visual information needed for Web site design. Students will learn how to create and maximize visual assets for Web design. Prerequisite: ART 142 or permission of instructor.

ART 253 Italian Renaissance Art (3 credits)

This course will examine the painting, sculpture, and architecture produced in Italy from the early Renaissance to Mannerism. Students will focus on master works while paying particular attention to the cultural, political, and societal issues which may have affected the development of artistic forms and techniques of the period. Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 103.

ART 291 Art: Cooperative Education (1 credits)

Designed to provide work experience directly related to the student's area of study in art. Internships and co-op job opportunities are available throughout the community. Assistance is provided by department faculty, however, the ultimate responsibility for obtaining a placement rests with the student. A learning contract containing specific education objectives that relate to both the work experience and the field of study is developed between the student and a faculty co-op coordinator.