List of Courses

LEC 103 Principles of Law for Law Enforcement Officers (7 credits)

An introduction to the law as required of candidates. Topics include jurisdiction and responsibilities of law enforcement, criminal and civil adjudicatory process and court structure, constitutional law, penal law, criminal procedure law, juvenile law, civil liability, ancillary NYS statues, and vehicle and traffic law.

LEC 105 Law Enforcement Procedures (8 credits)

Law Enforcement Procedures teaches candidates the various topics, knowledge, actions, and procedures required of a police officer. Topics include observation and patrol procedures, the nature and control of civil disorder, domestic violence, crimes in progress, traffic enforcement procedures, arrest processing, and dealing with intoxication.

LEC 105L Law Enforcement Procedures - Proficiency (5 credits)

Students are instructed in the basic physical/psychomotor skills required of a police officer candidate. Students become certified as competent in the areas of arrest techniques, defensive tactics, the use of aerosol and impact devices, riot control formations, emergency vehicle operation, and unusual occurrences/critical incident management.

LEC 109 Public Safety Investigation Techniques (4 credits)

Public Safety Investigation Techniques teaches candidates the various topics, knowledge, actions, and procedures required to investigate a crime. Topics include information development, interviewing techniques, physical evidence, injury and death cases, sex crimes, criminal investigation techniques specific to larceny (specifically auto theft, burglary, robbery, and arson), narcotics and dangerous drugs, case preparation, organized crime, and missing of abducted children.

LEC 111 Community Relations for Public Safety Officers (2 credits)

This course covers community relations issues and skills for the candidate. Topics include community relations, community resources, services to victims and witnesses, crime prevention, crimes against the elderly, ethical awareness issues, cultural diversity, bias related incidents, sexual harassment issues and contemporary issues with which the police are confronted.

LEC 114 Phase 2 - Basic Course for Police Officers (2 credits)

Course topics include the proper circumstances and uses of firearms; counter terrorism issues, actions and reactions techniques; command and control issues for first responders; and tactics associated with detecting fraudulent identification documents.

LEC 114L Phase 2 Laboratory - Basic Course for Police Officers (5 credits)

Students are instructed in and are certified as competent in the areas of firearms training, counter-terrorism, DWI detection, standard field sobriety testing, and supervised field training review and orientation.

LEC 120 EMS Certified First Responder (3 credits)

An introduction to EMS systems. Topics include: patient assessment, airway management, shock/hemorrhage control, trauma orientation, medical emergencies/OB emergencies and cardiology overview/defibrillation/CPR skills. Credit for this course may not be applied to any degree or certificate requirements.

LEC 126 Police Supervision (3 credits)

This course covers those areas pertinent to law enforcement supervision such as administrative procedures, leadership, effective communication, community relations, National Incident Management System and national response plan. The General Municipal Law requires that all first-line supervisory personnel complete this course. This course is open to sworn personnel only.

LEC 128 Instructor Development for Law Enforcement Officers (2 credits)

This course will give police personnel the ability to research, prepare, and communicate knowledge in the field of law enforcement. Lessons focus on setting instructional objectives, factors that influence adult learning, communication skills, the instructional process, and methods of evaluating course effectiveness.