Information Sessions

Learn more about this program and others at one of the Health Profession Info Sessions. No Info Sessions are scheduled at this time. Check back later for more info sessions!

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    Additional Costs

    In addition to the regular college expenses of tuition, health program fees, student activity fees and textbook fees for non-PTA courses, PTA students are financially responsible for the following:

    1. Physical exams and required immunizations.
    2. Malpractice insurance: approximately $10 per semester (Malpractice insurance is a fee paid to the College to cover students in their functions as Onondaga student PTAs).
    3. Personal health insurance: varies (neither the College nor your assigned clinical facility assumes any responsibility for student health care costs).
    4. Textbooks for core PTA courses: approximately $900. 
    5. Uniform and name pin for clinicals: approximately $60.
    6. Transportation to/from and parking for clinical assignments.
    7. Room and board for full-time clinicals (where applicable).
    8. Watch with second hand.
    9. Goniometer: approximately $25.
    10. Student membership to APTA: $85/year.

    (Fees subject to change)