Career Exploration

Career Exploration is a continual process that includes:

Gathering information about yourself – Through self-assessment discover what is important to you and how personal traits, values, interests, and skills shape career decision-making.

Learning about different careers – Using various online tools match what you have learned about yourself with careers and types of jobs. Through this process you will gain a clearer understanding of the educational requirements, job functions, and skills needed for each career choice.

Integration- Piecing together what you know about yourself with the reality of the work world you will evaluate different career choices and decide what is practical for you.

How do I get started? Assess your strengths and career interests.  

Career Coach Click on this link to take a short assessment that will help you determine which career is right for you.

StrengthsQuest™  is taken online using a code you receive from the Center. The assessment takes about an hour and the questions are timed. You will receive your top 5 strengths which you will need to write down and bring them to your appointment.

After taking an assessment, make an appointment with a Career Specialist to discuss your results by calling Career Services at 315-498-2585. You should plan at least an hour of time for this appointment. Your appointment will include both discussion and online exploration using some of the most popular search websites such as:

Next steps

After exploring your options and making some decisions, discuss your plans with an academic advisor who will assist you in choosing the classes and academic programs that fit your needs here at Onondaga. You may also wish to speak to a counselor for in-depth educational growth and career counseling.

Continue exploring while you are here through applied learning experiences such as volunteering, service-learning, job shadowing, internships, and study abroad. Don’t miss out on a chance to enrich your curriculum: follow our Co-CurricularRoadmap.