Minor: World Languages and Cultures

Improved awareness and understanding of diversity issues enhances professional opportunities and performance in service areas. The minor in World Languages and Cultures will provide students with the tools to work effectively with people of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. It is open to all students.

Course requirements 

Group I (Required Courses - 9 Credit Hours) 

6 credits of any language at the 200 level1

COM 282 Intercultural Communication

Group II (Electives - 3 Credit Hours) 

ANT 152 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANT 155 Language and Culture

ASL 212 Deafhood: Moving Beyond Deaf Culture

ASL 215 American Sign Language Literature and Film

EDU 230/HUM 230 Human Services With Diverse Populations

LCC 220 French Literature and Civilizations in English I

LCC 245 Latin American Civilization and Cultures

Any language course

Note 1: Languages taught at OCC: American Sign Language, Chinese, English as a Second Language, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.