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Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to accurately produce a food production plan, prepare food items, garnish and display items.
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge of food and beverage products, including product identification and specifications.
  3. Demonstrate the understanding and knowledge of essential nutrients, appropriate combinations of food for individual meals as well as full scale menus and be able to write a nutritional well-balanced diet which has customer appeal.
  4. Understand and apply management theory in order to operate a hospitality-related operation.
  5. Explain and apply cost control techniques for hospitality operations.
  6. Develop a menu and select/design the appropriate equipment and facility layout to produce that menu.
  7. Demonstrate the knowledge of meal planning and nutrient density and therapeutic diets.
  8. Demonstrate the knowledge of front office operations of the major types of lodging properties.
  9. Demonstrate the knowledge of services provided in a lodging operation including events planning.
  10. Demonstrate advanced level culinary skills through the presentation of a final product at the conclusion of each course taken.
  11. Demonstrate the knowledge of proper sanitation and safety practices within the Hospitality industry.