Nursing Tests-Prospective Students

  • Photo ID is required for all exams and transactions in Testing Services.
  • The deadline for testing and application into the Nursing program is March 1stfor Fall admission and November 1st for spring admission.
  • In order to be eligible to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) you must first:
    • Have college level English and reading placement;
    • Have college level math placement within two years of admission into the nursing program. This requirement can be met by course completion or by taking the placement test. Transcripts must be on file and current;
    • The placement test is free of charge. You may reserve a seat to take the placement test by using RegisterBlast.
  • TheTest of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)
  • The passing score for this test is 65%. The TEAS is an online, timed assessment that takes a maximum of 3 hours and 29 minutes to complete. 
  • The TEAS is available only on OCC’s main campus. Students may start the TEAS between 9am & 2pm Monday-Thursday and between 9am & 11am on Fridays. Students will not be allowed to start outside of these times.  You may reserve a seat to take the TEAS by using RegisterBlast.
  • Students must create an account at prior to test day in order to take the TEAS:
    • Click “Create An Account” next to the search bar on the top right of the screen and follow the prompts to create your account.  DO NOT USE THE LINK THAT SAYS “REGISTER FOR TEAS” either before or after creating a username and password. Students simply need to create a username and password.
    • Students must bring their username and password with them on test day.
  • PAYMENT- The fee for the TEAS is $55+tax to be paid online directly to ATI on the day of the exam. All payments must be made with credit or debit card ON TEST DAY. A proctor will guide the student through this process. Check, cash, money order, etc. are not acceptable forms of payment.


Q: Do I need to meet testing prerequisites if I already have a degree? 

A: Yes, at the minimum you will have to take the TEAS. If you have taken a math course over two years ago you will need to take and pass the Elementary Algebra placement test prior to being eligible for TEAS.

Q: Can I retake the math placement test if I fail it the first time?

A: Only after completed mandatory remediation can you retake the math test.  Options are Math Booster (complete a minimum of 2 strands) or a math workshop.

Q: Can I retake the TEAS?

A: You may take the TEAS a maximum of two times during each admission period.

Q: What if I have passed the TEAS but want a higher score, may I take it again?

A: You may take it again but unless you significantly improve your score (10+ points), it will not affect your chances for acceptance into the program.

Q: Can I use a calculator?

A: For both the placement test and the TEAS, you can only use the calculator embedded online within the test environment. 

Q: What if I have a disability and need accommodations?

A: You will need to make arrangements ahead of time so that you are accommodated.  Please contact us at 315-498-2507 or and we will discuss this with you directly.

Q: I have successfully completed my testing prerequisites! What do I do now?

A: You must meet with an advisor to complete your application.  Advising is located on the first floor of the Gordon Student Center, phone: 315-498-2904.

Q: I am not local to Syracuse; can I take the tests remotely? 

A: You may take the placement test off campus with a proctor. See our Off Campus testing page for details.  You may take the TEAS off campus only if you are able to make arrangements at an institution that already administers the TEAS.  

Q: I am a transfer student but OCC has not received my transcripts yet. What tests should I take?

A: You may take the placement test to insure that you have met all of the testing prerequisites while we wait for your transcripts.  Alternatively, you may take only the TEAS with the awareness that your application can not be processed until your transcripts are received and evaluated.

Q: When is testing available? Where is testing available? What are the hours for Testing Services? 

A: Please see above and visit TEAS is only available on the main campus. You may reserve a seat to take the placement test and the TEAS by using RegisterBlast.

Q: How can I pay for the TEAS?

A: You must have a debit or credit card to pay for the TEAS.  Payment is made exam day, directly to ATI.

Q: What else do I need in order to take the test?

A: Photo ID is required for all testing.  Even if you are here for a re-test and are working with the same proctor who helped you previously, you must still have photo ID.

General Testing Information and other helpful information:

  • You must bring valid photo ID - No Exceptions
  • Review for all placement tests can be found by clicking on the Placement Testing tab on the upper left of this screen.
  • Bring your ATI Username and Password with you on the day you take TEAS
  • Hand held calculator use is prohibited
  • Purchase TEAS study guides and practice tests
  • More info on Onondaga’s Nursing program

Please note: If you are taking the TEAS for a school other than Onondaga, you must pay an additional $26 exam proctoring fee to Onondaga and a $27 transcript processing fee to ATI. NOTE: Effective 9/1/18 the OCC proctoring fee will be $30.This non-refundable exam fee is only required for students who are testing at OCC for another college. The proctoring fee must be paid prior to testing. The transcript fee can be paid to ATI at the time of testing or after.  If you are unsure whether or not you need to pay the exam fee, check with a proctor in Testing Services before paying it. All transactions for proctoring fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another date or exam. You must make an appointment to take the TEAS with us for another institution. Make your appointment and pay the proctoring fee using RegisterBlast.

Nursing Tests- Current Students

Nursing Theory tests and ATI proctored tests are offered during walk-in hours listed on the testing schedule. You may reserve a seat ahead of time for testing through RegisterBlast.

Photo ID is required.

You will not be allowed to bring any items with you into the exam room (phone, notebook, hats, jacket etc).  You must keep valuables in the lockers provided in the Testing Services waiting area or in your lockers in the nursing department. Testing Services Office is not responsible for lost or stolen items and we will not hold on to your belongings in our offices.