Institutional Learning Outcomes

The following six institutional learning outcomes reflect Onondaga’s shared educational philosophy:

  1. Aesthetic & Ethical Growth
    The student will develop an expanded awareness and appreciation of the arts and nature; act ethically and responsibly in personal and professional settings.

  2. Analytical Reasoning & Critical Thinking
    The student will think critically to identify, analyze and solve problems in a variety of situations and areas of study.

  3. Global Awareness & Inclusion
    The student will recognize and respect similarities and differences among global, generational and historical perspectives. 

  4. Effective Communication
    The student will speak, read, write and listen well.

  5. Technological Literacy
    The student will use forms of technology critically and effectively to achieve informational, educational, personal and professional goals. 

  6. Personal Growth & Wellness
    The student will maintain and improve physical, mental and emotional well-being.