Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Policy

Occasionally, students may find that they need to leave the College, either for a period of time or for a more indefinite period. The policy and process for implementing such a change in student status are described below.

A. Leave of Absence

A leave of absence is intended by the student as a temporary departure from the College to address a specific situation in the student’s life. A leave of absence maintains the student’s matriculation status for the leave period. A student may request a leave of absence from the College by submitting a College Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form, available from Student Central, the Advisement Center, or the Counseling Center. The leave of absence will drop the student’s enrollment in all courses in progress, which may affect his or her continuing eligibility for financial aid in the current semester. Moreover, students who are not enrolled are ineligible to receive financial aid in future semesters until they resume enrollment.

After the student returns from a leave of absence, the student’s status with the College shall be the same as that of the student’s last enrollment in the College. If the student on leave does not return to the College within the next four (4) consecutive semesters, the student will be moved to non-matriculated status.

B. College Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from the College by submitting a College Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form available at Student Central, the Advisement Center, or the Counseling Center. Withdrawal has the effect of ending the student’s matriculation, and, therefore, the consequences should be considered carefully. Students typically withdraw only where they have made a decision, in consultation with College personnel who can help to evaluate the impact of this decision on the student, to cease enrollment at the College.

Counseling and advisement prior to the decision to withdraw can assist a student to decide if complete withdrawal is appropriate. Students who receive financial aid are advised that they will lose future eligibility for financial aid if they withdraw from the institution. Current financial aid also may be impacted. Students who have questions should consult with a Financial Aid staff member in advance. The College Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form must be returned to the Registration and Records Office before the withdrawal is official.

If a student submits a College Withdrawal after the drop deadline for the term, a grade of W will be assigned by the Registration and Records Office at the time of the withdrawal. These grades are not used to calculate GPAs, but the hours are counted as hours for which the student was enrolled that semester and as “attempted credits” for satisfactory academic progress calculations associated with financial aid eligibility.

Students withdrawing from the College after the course withdrawal deadline may submit a Petition to Waive the Academic Rule, available at Student Central, documenting the circumstances for withdrawal. This petition must be submitted together with the Withdrawal Form to activate this review process. If the petition is approved, the student will be awarded the grade of “W”, instead of the letter grade the student had earned for the course as of the date of withdrawal.

C. Readmission from Extended Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

A student wishing to return from a withdrawal or a leave extending longer than four (4) consecutive semesters must complete a Readmission Form available at https://www.tfaforms.com/4612474. The Readmission Form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office prior to the end of the add period for the semester in which the student is seeking readmission. Forms received after the current add/drop period will be processed for the next full term